Ministries We Support

Local Ministries

Almost twenty years ago, our church was a part of seeing this vital ministry to our city get off the ground. We continue to support the ministry through monthly financial giving, by supporting their annual banquet and other fund raising efforts, by our women partnering with young Mothers who are going through their pregnancy without support, and we partner with them in reaching out to the students in local schools.

We know the adoption process is a tough road, and no one should travel down it alone. That is why we are here. We bring encouragement, guidance, and support to those who need to go down that road. Our experience shows us that adoption benefits each person involved. It is a caring solution for those courageous, wonderful women who are not yet ready to become a parent…who love their unborn child so much that they are rewarded by the most unselfish act one can do; and a miracle for those who have dreamed for so long to have a child or to extend their current family.

Lifetree Adoption Agency in Dallas, TX | Christian Adoption Agency


Texas Mizo Christian Church

We are sponsoring a church plant in Grand Prairie which is reaching the Mizo people group who are mostly refugees from Myanmar (Burma).  Our support consists of a monthly financial donation, mentoring of Pastor Emmanuel Lafelkima by our Lead Pastor, and assisting Pastor Emmanuel in his visa needs.

Glowing Heart and  Focus Pointe Camp

Glowing Heart Ministries, under the direction of our own Henry Loftin, is a college age group who travels the world doing concerts, DNOW weekends, DVD’s and other opportunities to preach and sing the Gospel. We make a monthly donation and provide them a place to office, practice and launch their trips. They lead the worship portion of our Wednesday service for our students. They provide the ministry of a camp in East Texas called Focus Pointe, which we support with a monthly donation.


GPISD students, faculty, staff and administrators

Part of our vision is to impact the schools around us, so along with Glowing Heart Ministries, we have provided an after school program for high school students called 3:10 Generation CoffeeStop, Monday through Thursday on our campus. We provide snacks, tutoring, recreation and a safe place to hang out.  Also, we work regularly to reach out to the high school faculty, staff and administrators, and we top it off with an annual “Teacher Appreciation Banquet” every August.

Brighter Tomorrows

Brighter Tomorrows is one of the largest domestic violence and sexual assault agencies in Dallas County.

We provide periodic donations as well as leading a monthly bible study and provide childcare during the bible study to allow the moms focused time in God's word. 

Associations & Conventions

Southern Baptist Convention

On the national level we are a part of the SBC.


Southern Baptists of Texas Convention

Our state level support goes to the SBTC..

North Texas Baptist Association

We work with the North Texas Baptist Association to support their efforts locally.

Dallas Baptist Association

We join hands with the DBA for local missions.