South Park is participating in Operation Christmas Child this year. 

This page will be a good resource of information specific to SPBC as well as providing links to Samaritan's Purse - Operation Christmas Child official website. 

Together with our South Park MOPS group, our goal is to fill 24 Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes as well as to provide $10 donations for each of the filled shoeboxes - $240.  

The church will provide the boxes and the mailing labels. 

Shoeboxes should be packed based on a child's age range:  2-4, 5-9 or 10-14

as well as gender:  boy or girl. 

We would like to have at least one shoebox for a boy in each age group and a girl in each age group.


You have the option to: 

1) Sign up to shop for and fill a shoebox with you/your family/group of friends

2) Shop for items to help fill a shoebox that will be combined with other items and packed by our volunteers at South Park.  Drop gift items in the designated collection boxes in the foyer starting in September. 

3) Donate $10 to help cover the cost of printing the Greatest Journey Gospel book and shipping the shoeboxes around the world. 


We will have a Shoebox packing party on Saturday, November 4 at the church (time to be determined).   We will be packing items into shoeboxes from our group collection boxes.  If you sign up to fill a shoebox, you can bring your gift items and pack your shoebox at the church, or your can bring your packed shoebox to the packing party.  If you are unable to bring your shoebox on Saturday, Nov 4, then you need to bring your shoebox to the church no later than Sunday, November 5.  We will be delivering the filled shoeboxes to a designated local drop off location the week of November 5. 


Below are some quick links to help with shopping for
and packing your shoebox gifts.