• Life brings many circumstances our way.  How do we view those circumstances and how do we ultimately respond? 


    During premarital counseling, and often during the wedding ceremony itself, I like to point out the great passage of scripture in Mathew 7: 24-28. Then I try to point out that if this couple will build their lives, their marriage, and their family on the solid rock, who is Jesus Christ, then when the rain and wind and storms of life come (and they certainly will), they will stand!

  • Psalm 92: 14 says, “They will still yield fruit In old age, they shall be full of sap and very green.” So I do not understand why a Christian who retires from work, thinks he can retire from serving the Lord! Why would a healthy, mobile, on the go follower of Christ pull back in their service to the Lord and His church?

  • I quit playing organized tackle football in the eighth grade, because I weighed 70 something pounds and they did not even have a uniform to fit me. Every time I got hit, I was looking out of the ear hole in my helmet! Plus, my knee pads hit me around the ankles, so whatever quickness I had was nullified. I decided it was not suitable for my giftedness at that time. But, I love the game of football and I am a student of the game. In fact, when watching a game with my wife, I will often make an observation and the T. V. announcers will say what I just said. She has suggested I should quit preaching and go into sports casting! She is not serious.