South Park Baptist Church

Grand Prairie, Texas


Remembering 911 in Biblical context

When the Towers Fell


Luke 13:1-5


After a major historical event, people remember exactly where they were when they first heard the news.  Tomorrow is the 22nd anniversary of the day terrorists attacked the World Trade Center towers. But we don't remember that day like we did at first, even though we all said, "NEVER FORGET!" So, today I want to look at a passage of scripture to see what we can learn from the day the Tower of Siloam fell and killed 18 people.



Bible teaching on false teaching

Straddle Fence Baptist Church


Revelation 2:12-17


The church named Pergamum and the word polygamy come from the same root word! This is interesting because this church was "married" to her faith, and at the same time she was "married" to the world, which included idol worship and fornication. So, she was a compromised church! She had one foot in and one foot out! She was straddling the fence! Why? Well, it all started when she allowed false teachers and false teaching into their church, because bad believing leads to bad behavior! Let's see what our Lord has to say about this kind of church!  

Suffering in the world

A Season of Suffering


Revelation 2:8-11


A cross section of American adults were asked, "If you could ask God only one question, what would you ask Him?" The # 1 response was, "Why is there so much suffering in the world?" This is something that bothers some believers and nonbelievers alike. Some people use this as a way to question the goodness, or even the existence of God! However, God is not responsible for sin and suffering in the world; man is responsible. It started with Adam and each one of us continues to perpetuate a sin-stained world.  The reason for the suffering in the world can be traced back to sinful people making sinful choices. Let's see what we can learn  from the church at Smyrna when we face persecution and suffering.


Holy Spirit is spiritual CPR for the Christian heart

Restart the Heart


Revelation 2:1-7


When a person has their heart stop, it is important that someone quickly start applying CPR, because their chances of survival are doubled when they do. In a similar way, if a Christians Spiritual heart goes cold and stops, then we need the Holy Spirit to quickly apply spiritual CPR to our heart. We can learn from the church at Ephesus today.