South Park Baptist Church

Grand Prairie, Texas


Pastor Randy Capote

Join us this Sunday at 10:45 am as Pastor Randy continues his series of Taming the Tudes! You won't want to miss this one.  


Our Heart Compass


Hebrews 13:7-9

We all know the function of a compass is to give us direction.  Yet, the compass is based on finding true North, which is the one fixed point at the north pole that gives orientation from any point on this spinning planet.  The point is, Jesus Christ and HIs Word are the Christian's true North! 



Mark 7:24-30
There are at least 20 qualities of a Godly woman mentioned in Proverbs 31.  However, the one I want to focus on today is that "she looks well to the ways of her household."  Today's message looks at an example of that kind of Mom. 


The Kingdom of God


Matthew 20:1-16

Emmanuel Lalfelkima, our mission's pastor, brought today's message.