South Park Baptist Church

Grand Prairie, Texas


Free at Last!


John 8: 31-36


Martin Luther King once famously said, "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty, we are free at last!" Subsequently. he was assassinated because of the freedom movement he was leading! Reminding us that freedom is never free! Someone paid a price, and in some cases the ultimate sacrifice of their life! Today we honor those who laid down their lives so we can enjoy the freedoms we enjoy in this country, but we must also focus on the "ultimate sacrifice" of Jesus Christ, which sets us free from the biggest problem in our lives, which is sin!!

Kingdom Kidz Maker


John 18:15-17


The moral foundations of our country are crumbling before our very eyes, and we see it manifested in our teens and children. Which makes King David's question in Psalm:11:3 most pertinent for today. "WHEN THE FOUNDATIONS ARE BEING DESTROYED, WHAT CAN THE RIGHTEOUS DO?"  A good place to start is for our Christian moms and grandmoms to double down on pouring Jesus into the lives of their precious ones. The only hope for America is Jesus! So, Mom you have not been called to be a "king maker" but a "Kingdom Kidz Maker"- will you answer the call today?

Call to Arms 


Ephesians 6: 10-20


We know this is no longer politically correct, but when "Six Flags Over Texas" was opened in 1961, the six flags represented the six flags that have flown over Texas since her inception. Also, they divided the park into six sections corresponding to each of the eras the flags represented. One of those flags and sections represented the Confederacy! (Tt's just a fact of history.)  I remember as a kid seeing guys dressed in gray uniforms marching around yelling: "CALL TO ARMS!" "CALL TO ARMS!", which was a portrayal of how the South was being called to the cause!  Today I am calling our people to arms for a much bigger cause, because we are engaged in a war- a spiritual war- but a war!

In America?

#4 in the 'Resurrecting Hope' Series 


I Peter 4: 12-19


Around 64 AD, the Roman emperor Nero burned down the city of Rome and blamed it on Christians. This unleashed a flood of persecution on the church! One example is how Nero turned Christians into human torches in order to light his path as he walked nightly in his garden. Although, the church in America has been spared so far, we believe persecution, like never seen here before is about to fall on the church in America. In fact, it has already started. However, this is the assurance we have been given: "The Lord is for me, I will not fear, what can man do to me." Psalm 118:6