My Story


Romans 10:9-10


Earlier this week I thought the Lord was leading me in a certain direction for today's message.  However, during a time in our "Power House," I sensed the Lord was changing the message.  I feel like I am to share my full testimony this morning, followed by a clear presentation of the Gospel. Who is this for? The Holy Spirit will know, and I am anxious to see who it is. Is it you?  

My Dad's a "Moonshiner"


 Psalm 127: 1-5


We often hear about "moonlight" and "moonshiners" but we all know the moon does not produce its own light. The moon simply REFLECTS the sun's light. Likewise, if we Earthly fathers are going to love our children the way we should, we must simply REFLECT the Son's love. Pray it so...


Green With Envy


Genesis 37:1-11


In the news recently we have witnessed how Caitlin Clark has been "welcomed" to the WNBA! There have been hard body checks, flying elbows, and she has been called bad names on the court for all to see. As I watched all of this, I asked myself, "Why all the hate?" Then Stephen A. Smith, the sports guru gave me the answer: "Thes girls- young ladies of the WNBA are JEALOUS of her."  Today we want to talk about the spirit of jealously from the scriptures.



Shame No More


Genesis 3:1-7


Associate Pastor Brian Hayes brings our message today.