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Shame No More


Genesis 3:1-7


Associate Pastor Brian Hayes brings our message today. 





We Will Remember


John 15: 9-13

On this day we hear of many amazing stories of our brave military people making, what we like to call, the ultimate sacrifice!  We are VERY thankful for these Gold Star families, and we want to remember them today, because we live under the freedom they have provided. Yet, we also want to remember THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE" made by our Savior on the cross for forgiveness of our sins. Let's turn our eyes upon Jesus!

Taming the Tempter


James 1:13-15


Today's message will apply to each of us, because we all will face some type of temptation this week. Like Adam and Eve, we will be faced with choices- will we choose God's way or our way? We will talk about our most effective weapon in this fight, and we will see it lived out in our Savior's life, and we will talk about how to implement the "Tame the Tempter" plan.

Making Little Kings


2 Timothy 1:3-6


There is a term used in politics which describes a person as the "kingmaker." This is the person behind the scenes who uses their influence to make the king the king! I start with this on Mother's Day because I believe the most important "kingmaker" or influencer of our children are you godly Moms and Grandmas. You are appreciated and may you have a blessed day.


Your Fork in the Road


Matthew 7:13-14


Robert Frost wrote an iconic poem, whereby the speaker was standing at a fork in the road and was pondering which way to go. This poem is not written from a Biblical point of view, but it reminds that our lives are full of choices, and the exhortation to us is, always choose God's way over our own way!


Sounding the Alarm


 Revelation 3:1-6


We are accustomed to hearing alarms every day, and each one is designed to get our attention. Well, the Lord is sounding the alarm to the church at Sardis, because they are spiritually "sleepwalking.""  The message is-  "WAKE UP! WAKE UP CHURCH. because if you don't the Lord is coming to judge you. The church in America needs to hear this message because by and large we are "sleepwalking." WAKE UP CHURCH!"



Grace over Judgement


John 8:1-11


Today we are blessed to have Monica Gonzalez, from Pregnancy Resource Center of Grand Prairie, share with us their great ministry here in our city! Our support of this ministry speaks to our churches' staunch prolife position, but it also speaks to our equal compassionate toward young women who find themselves in trouble. We like their slogan: "GRACE OVER JUDGMENT", so the message today will center on a story that exemplifies our Lord's amazing grace toward all of us struggling sinners.  

Render to Caesar with Caution


I Peter 1:6-9


Jesus told His followers to "...render to Caesar the things that are Caesars." We must pay our taxes, but we should expect our government to receive and disperse our tax dollars honestly and fairly. Yet, in 2013 the IRS ADMITTED they targeted conservative groups, churches and ministry organizations and intentionally slow walked their applications for tax exempt status for months and even years. Some may consider this a mild form of persecution to the church in America, but I believe it is a harbinger of the persecution that is about to be unleashed on the church in America! However, the faithful remnant will cling together, and Jesus will be watching over us and we will not only survive but thrive!!!


A Defense Of The Resurrection


Jay Strickland


1 Corinthians 15:3-11



Believe It or Not!  


Luke 2:1-9


As we all know, many people are gathering all over the world on this Resurrection Sunday, not to hear a new, fresh account, but rather to hear an old familiar story one more time! So, today it is my privilege to share this old, old story again, which never gets old to me.


Brutus and Judas


 Luke 22: 1-6


On March 15th, in the year 44 B.C., Julius Caesar spoke to the Senate, although his wife and a soothsayer warned him not to. Soon after taking his seat, he was encircled by a group of assassins who pulled out knives from under their togas and stabbed him 23 times. One of the leaders of the assassins was a friend of Caesar's named Marcus Brutus, which prompted Caesar to say with his dying breath, "You too Brutus?" So, Brutus went down in history as someone who betrayed a friend and stabbed him in the back. Today's message is about another friend who betrayed a friend. Let's see what we can learn from his story.


God or Gold?


Luke 12:13-21


The story of King Midas is sad but ends well. As King, he had all the luxuries you would expect a King to have, but he wanted more! So, when he was granted a wish, he wished that everything he touched would turn to gold. Sounds good? Right? Until he hugged his beloved daughter, and she turned into a gold statue. We should learn to be careful about what we wish for, because that "gold" we seek can turn into "fool's gold." We will study such a man this morning.

Vale of Tears


Isaiah 41:10


The expression "vale of tears" is a reference to our life on Earth being akin to a traveler walking through a valley, and the point is, there will be tears and sorrow in our life until we reach the end of the valley, and transition to a better place called heaven, where there will be no more tears. God uses these times of tribulation to sculpt us into the image of Christ.  


First Degree Love


 Mark 15: 33-34


Robin Williams was an outrageously funny comedian, but while he was making everyone else laugh, he was suffering from severe depression and anxiety. At the age of 63, he took his own life. One person described Mr. Williams as "..the loneliest man on a lonely planet"! Loneliness is one of the most miserable emotions anyone can experience. But today I want us to think about the loneliest moment, that anybody, at any time has ever experienced. The moment the Son of God became sin for us, and God the Father had to temporarily turn His back on God the Son. Let us contemplate what our Savior went through on the cross.


So Who's in Control? 




At the turn of the 20th century, a man named William Ernest Henly wrote a poem entitled "Invictus" and the last two lines read like this: "i am the master of my fate; the captain of my soul."  I could not think that, much less say it and I sure wouldn't put in in writing, because I know if I am steering the USS Randy, I would be careening off ice burgs and mines, and being shipwrecked on the rocks. So, we must trust the sovereign King of the universe to pilot our ship.



Two Minute Warning


Ezekiel 3:16-21


During the Super Bowl last week, we saw the Chiefs drive down and kick a game tying field goal with 3 seconds to go in the game to send into overtime. You could sense a heightened urgency form the Chiefs after the two-minute warning, which is not unusual in a football game. Teams know after the two-minute warning that time is short, it's "do or die", the season on the line- let's go!! What's the point? Well, God has metaphorically stopped His prophetic clock, as a two-minute warning   so we can have time to "get right and get ready." 

Seen or Viewed?


Philippians 1:21-26


We recently attended the services of Good Shepherd Baptist Church to celebrate their 15th anniversary along with Pastor Will. As I went around to greet the people, I said, "It's good to see you." The first three responded with, "It's good to be seen." But, the fourth person responded, "It's better to be seen than viewed," which I took to mean it is better to be alive than dead. I am not sure the Apostle Paul would necessarily agree with that point of view. Allow me to explain why I say that.


Are You Ready for Change? 


2 Corinthians 5:17


Most of the time people do not like change. In fact, we usually resist change. But the life of a growing, maturing follower of Jesus Christ should be a continuous series of changes. Radical changes! So, if anyone is ready for change in your life, let me introduce you to the greatest "change agent" we can turn to today!


Aren't You Precious 


Psalms 139:13-18


Brian Hayes,

Worship Pastor


Gifts That Give


John 14:1-3


Perhaps you have heard the expression, "Hell Bent," which describes a person determined to do something at all costs.  For example, John was "hell bent" on finishing the race in spite of his sprained ankle.  I would rather be "Heaven bent."  We believers are going to be there much longer than we will be on Earth, so I think we would be interested in knowing about our final abode. Our next few Sundays we will be talking about Heaven and our place there.




The Heart of Worship


Mark 14:3-9


Christians differ in their opinion about "how" we should worship God, and some get bent out of shape with those who differ. Hymns? Praise songs? A blend of the two?  People get caught up with the details and mechanics of worship and lose sight of the true focus of worship - that is completely about Jesus! Only Him! He is the only one who is worthy of our worship. Today's message looks at a great example of a lady who knew how to make Jesus the focal point of her worship. What she did is so noteworthy, Jesus wanted her to be remembered wherever the gospel is preached. 


Knees to the Floor In 2024


Matthew 6: 5-8


As we say goodbye to 2023 and look forward to 2024, I want to share a "key" to having a better year in 2024. I know we all are crazy busy these days, and some may say you are too busy to pray.  Actually we are too busy not to pray. We all have the same 168 hours per week, and the fact is, if we are passionate about something, we will find the time. Because we were put on this Earth to have a personal relationship with our Creator, spending significant time in His presence in prayer every day is the most important thing we can do each day. Everything else should pale by comparison. So, let us be challenged today to commit to "putting knees on the floor in '24!"

The Real Deal


Colossians 2:8-10


Several years ago, there was a big stir in the church over a book and movie entitled "The Da Vinci Code," after the author went on the morning shows to boldly claim that his book was historically accurate. Then he went on to portray that Jesus married Mary Magdelene and even fathered a child! There is a word for that- BLASPHEMY! Today, we want to show from scripture what the real Christ is like.

Gifts That Give


Galatians 4:4-6


The idea of gift giving at Christmas time probably can be tied back to the three wise men bringing gifts to baby Jesus. Yet, we all know that Christmas has become way too commercialized and now has been distorted beyond recognition. Today's message is about gifts that will have everlasting value and significance. In fact, we can say these particular gifts are gifts that keep on giving!