As Sure as Sparks Fly

We do a fair amount of cooking on our barbeque grill, and I am the proud owner of a duel grill. It has propane on one side and charcoal on the other side.  Usually, the quick, after work meals are prepared with the ease of gas. But when I have time, I much prefer going with charcoal.

Last Saturday, I had my coals going in my “starter can” and as I was watching the sparks fly up,  I  wondered if they could reach the roof, or my dead winter grass.  However, my thoughts then turned to Job 5: 7, which says, “For man is born for trouble as the sparks fly up.”  Now as you likely remember, Job suffered great trouble and affliction.  His friend, Eliphaz, ever the encourager (not), was saying his troubles were due to some sin or foolishness in his life.  Yes, sometimes trouble comes to us because of some sin in our life for the purpose of loving discipline.  Sin does have its consequences!  Yet trouble is not always a result of sin.  We know this, because the Bible tells us Job was a “…blameless and upright” man! Job 1:1.  Additionally, in Luke 13:4, Jesus taught that a falling tower may kill people no more sinful than the survivors.  Either way, we believe in the providence of God, and believe that when trouble comes, it is because God has a purpose and wants to teach us a lesson in the enduring.

Therefore, give thanks in everything - Even when the sparks fly!