Reason for the Season

“The Reason for the Season” is a phrase we hear a lot of this time of year. But what is the reason for the Christmas season? Some might say family, food, and fireplaces. Others might go commercial on us and actually say gifts! But what is the “real” reason for Christmas? You know what it is- it is the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ! You also know that is just the start of His Earthly existence. Newsflash! Baby Jesus grew up, and He willingly, lovingly went to a Roman cross to die for our sins, so He could give us the gift of eternal life. That is the REAL reason for the season! So in a way, you could say we are the “reason for the season,” because the reason He was born was ultimately for our benefit, not His.

The world offers us cheap gifts and Satan wants us to focus on those gifts rather than the greatest gift! So when you receive your gifts this year, let it remind you of the gift Christ gave to you, or desires to give to you, which is the gift of eternal life. And when you look at that tree, with all the beautiful decorations, think of the tree (the cross), which is “decorated” by only the lifeless body of Jesus Christ! But don’t forget that Resurrection Sunday came and we will be celebrating that in a few months. If we will let our hearts and minds go there, we will have a very grateful heart this season!