South Park Baptist Church

Grand Prairie, Texas


    The Bible was written centuries ago, yet it is as relevant today as today’s headlines.

  • Yesterday, a gunman walked into a church in the middle of a service and murdered two people. Subsequently, a church member used his gun to take the intruder out before he could kill others.  As a Christian, is that right?

  • Recently, we watched “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” for the who knows how many times.  The Hollywood story revolves around the search for the so called Holy Grail, which was the cup Christ drank from at His last supper.  Why the search for this? Because it supposedly would provide immortality to anyone who drank from it. Quite a story, right?  But you can see what was driving all these people to find it.  Well. In the final dramatic scene, Indy surveys a table with many chalices and cups, and he must choose the right one because chosing the wrong one would bring immediate death.